Every project needs a starting point. This component leads into the analytical components of the framework by ensuring the mandate for analysis is secured before any analytical work is undertaken. Agreement is needed on the focus of the work, how the Treaty of Waitangi is provided for, and the engagement approach.

As part of the Crown, NRS agencies must find ways to provide for the Treaty of Waitangi, and understand the rights and interests of iwi and Māori that exist through tikanga and common law. In Identify, the context needs to be understood well enough to provide an effective plan for how these matters will be recognised throughout the project, including engagement.


The purpose of this component is to ensure that the scope of the inquiry, including boundaries and expectations, is set so the analysis can be undertaken successfully and agreed objectives met.


The aim is that the appropriate mandate to undertake and resource a piece of work, using the framework, is secured.

Tier 1: Tasks


  • Agree on the issue that the framework is used for.
  • Understand the Treaty of Waitangi context.
  • Agree on how NRS agencies will undertake the work, including ensuring resources and capabilities are appropriate for the work undertaken.
  • Agree the design of engagement outside the NRS.

Tier 2: Reasoning

Look closely at the assumptions and reasons that underlie your analysis to understand them better and test their strength. 

Tier 3: Engagement / tools

Engagement opportunities

  • Establish relationships from the start.
  • Build ownership through participation in project scope and design.

Useful tools

  • In-house project management tools.
  • Horizon scanning.