2. Provide more flexible governance options for Māori land and assist Māori trusts and land-owners to improve the productivity of their land

Māori land comprises about 5% of New Zealand’s total land area, and is an important contributor to the New Zealand economy. However, Māori land is often in remote locations, fragmented and in small blocks while multiple owners can make decision-making and access to finance difficult. Because of these types of challenges, there is considerable potential to improve the productivity of Māori land.

The government’s focus is on improving Māori governance and land administration through Te Ture Whenua Māori Bill and other legislative changes. A new Māori Land Service will provide governance support for owners and services like mediation. The Whenua Māori Fund will target initiatives to improve the productivity of Māori land, supported by existing initiatives such as the Māori Agri-business Pathway. 

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